Physician Assistant Team

The Physician Assistants play a crucial role on our team.  They are involved in every part of the care of our patients.  Their careers include performing thorough history and physical examinations, consultations, preparing patients for the operating room, assisting in the operating room, and helping to manage the patients during their recovery as well performing beside procedures.

As a team, we're blessed to have some of the finest Physician Assistants in the field of cardiovascular surgery!

Peter Tucker, PA-C

Peter Tucker, PA-C

Pete is one of the most experienced cardiovascular physician assistants in the country. Pete received both his Bachelor of Science  and his Master's in Physician Assistant Studies at King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Pete actually started his career as a student on our service and is now the most senior and most experienced member of our team.    I have literally performed thousands of cases with Pete.

Indeed, looking back at my career, having Pete Tucker as my partner and friend has been one of the most enjoyable parts and one of the key reasons for our team's success.

Phillip Dolcemascolo, PA-C

Phillip Dolcemascolo, PA-C

Phil received his Bachelor of Science at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. Phil received his Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at Rutgers/UMDNJ.

Prior to joining us at LVHN, Phil worked at Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston, the Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey and at an affiliate of the New York Presbyterian Healthcare System.

Phil is a terrific physician assistant and a wonderful guy. He is a bit confused about sports teams, seeing as he's a diehard Yankees and Giants fan. Oh well, nobody's perfect!

Truth be told, as a colleague, partner, and friend, Phil is perfect!

Nicholas Rini, PA-C

Nicholas Rini, PA-C

Nick joined our team in 2009. He received his Bachelor of Science at East Stroudsburg University.

Nick completed his Physician Assistant Education at St. John's University and his Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at the A.T. Stills University.

Prior to joining our group, Nick worked for two years on the neurosurgery service. We're very lucky that Nick has chosen to join our team. He is an absolute gem of a guy, always pleasant and kind. He's admired by all.

One issue with Nick is that he's about 2 feet taller than me!  Nick is always bending down to assist me. I have to always remind myself to raise the O.R. table up to ease his back pain--though he never complains. 

Travis Gaskill, PA-C

Travis Gaskill, PA-C

Travis joined our team in 2009. Travis obtained his Bachelor of Science and his Physician Assistant Education at the University of Washington.

Travis comes to us with a lot of experience, including serving as a Combat Medic for the US Army.  And, he has a neat hobby... he makes his own beer and wine, not to mention being quite a skilled chef.

Travis is a very good guy --like a big old lovable teddy bear. Like a few guys on our team, Travis is quite tall. We hired Nick and Travis at the same time and I'm beginning to think we could take on any other division at the hospital in touch football!

Kristina Potsko, PA-C

Kristina Potsko, PA-C

Kristina joined our team in 2013 after she served many years on the busy heart surgery service at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut.  Kristina is one of the most talented young cardiovascular physician assistants in the country and we are thrilled that she has decided to join our team!

Kristina achieved her Bachelor of Science and Master's in Physician Assistant Studies at Kings College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Always with a smile, especially when talking about her beautiful young daughter.  And, now with a son on the way!

Kristina is special in every way and I am blessed to have her as a colleague, partner, and friend.

Michael Smith, PA-C

Michael Smith, PA-C

Michael Smith attended Regents College and the St. James University.

Mike is one of the most experienced physician assistants in the country and were are honored that he chose to join our team after serving for 10 years in the Navy and another 11 years at St. Luke's Hospital in Bethlehem, PA.

An extraordinary person with many interests, Mike is very active in his community and church.  Among other fun activities, Mike and his family create a great Halloween exhibit on his lawn for the neighborhood children to visit, for which Mike donates the money collected to the library next to his home.

Looking forward to Mike and I finishing our career together here at LVHN!

Kelly Barrieres, PA-C

Kelly Barrieres, PA-C

Kelly joined our team in January 2014.

Kelly went to East Stroudsburg University for college and completed her Masters in Physician Assistant Studies at Kings College.

Among Kelly's many talents, Kelly is a professional artist! Ask her to show you some of her work and you will be amazed.

Kelly is a special person and a dedicated physician assistant.  We are so grateful to have her part of our team.

Kelly is probably the quietest member of our team!  But always with a smile and ready to work!

Allison Martens, PA-C

Connor Prince, PA-C

Lauren Milard, PA-C