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Heart Valve Center Nurse Coordinator

Operating Room Nurses

Beth Quigley, RN

One of the most experienced and talented OR nurses I have ever met. Beth is highly respected by everyone who works with her. Any student nurse who wants to learn from the best, should spend time with Beth!

Everyone plays an important role.  These nurses have worked together for many years.  Indeed, they are like family to each other. The photo below was taken at a party at my home. 

The team has shared a lot of great times together.  Simply put, they're the greatest!

The Open Heart Unit Team (OHU)

Patty Tachyapong, RN (left) Cindy Meeker, RN (center),  Nancy Buckner, RN(right)

After you have open heart surgery, you'll spend the first night or two in the Open Heart Intensive Care Unit.

Cindy Meeker, RN (center) is our new Nursing Director for the Open Heart Unit and Transitional Open Heart Unit. Cindy is the perfect Director, having spent her entire career as an Open Heart Unit nurse at Lehigh Valley Hospital.  Everyone admires and respects Cindy.

Margie Bennett, RN and Tina Kerchner, RN

Marge and Tina are two of the most experienced cardiac surgery nurses you'll find anywhere in the country. And, of course, two of the nicest!

After one or two nights in the Open Heart Unit, you'll recover in the Transitional Open Heart Unit until you are ready to go home.

The Transitional Open Heart Unit (TOHU)

Some of the finest and nicest nurses in the hospital work in the Transitional Open Heart Unit.

Congratulations to the OHU and TOHU team for winning the Friends of Nursing Award multiple times!

Perfusionists and Anesthetists

Perfusionists run the heart/lung machine and circulatory support devices.

Our phenomenal team of Nurse Anesthetists provide your anesthesia care under the supervision of the Cardiac Anesthesiologists.

Some patients ask whether or not it is okay to have Nurse Anesthetists providing your anesthesia care while you are undergoing a heart operation.

The answer is: Absolutely Yes!

Our Nurse Anesthetists have superior training and experience. I not only trust them with my patients' lives, but when I needed surgery, I was glad they were taking care of me.

Our Certified Perfusion Technologists (CPT) include: Norman Manley, David Palanzo, Michael Quinn, Joseph Castagna, Robert Mimari, Robert Vinansky, and Shelly Broyan.

Ken Clay, CRT

Ken is one of our fine Respiratory Therapists. These hard-working professionals manage the ventilators in the intensive care units and provide respiratory care to all of the patients throughout the hospital.

Jim Gates, CRT

Jim is another one of our dedicated Respiratory Therapists who primarily attends to our heart and lung patients.

Recently, Jim won a Friends of Nursing Award for his excellent service.

Mike Finney, CRNA

Mike is one of our fine nurse anesthetists.

In addition to being a skilled anesthetist, Mike has the most positive attitude and terrific dedication. Simply a great guy.

Here's the team putting in a special catheter for a minimally invasive aortic valve surgery. From left to right: Garrett Karns CRNA, Jim Moffat CRNA, Dan Wiel MD, Dan Ohl CRNA

Our anesthesia docs and nurse anesthetists are the best in the nation.

Our outstanding outcomes are in large measure due to these extraordinary professionals.

As you can see, it really does take a large Team of many professionals to care for you and your family!

Heather Posavek, CRNA

Heather is my buddy! Actually Heather is everybody's buddy!

Not only is she brilliant and talented, she is funny, kind, and caring. And, she makes a mean eggplant parmesan!

I'm lucky to have the best Team!

Lindsay Clark, CRNP

Lindsay Clark

Lindsay is our Office Nurse Practitioner at our Cedar Crest Office. She attended Liberty University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Development and then went on in 2009 to earn her Associate of Science in Nursing at Lehigh Carbon Community College.

In 2014, she attended DeSales University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2014 and her Master of Science in Nursing in 2015.

Katherine Phillip, CRNP

Katherine Phillip

Katherine is our Office Nurse Practitioner at our Muhlenberg Office.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2011 from the University of North Carolina and her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in 2016 from Temple University.

VAD Coordinator

Barbara Ebert, RN

Barbara Ebert, RN