Administrative Team

Mindy Snyder

Mindy Snyder

Mindy is Office Manager for the Lehigh Valley Heart and Lung Surgeons. Quite simply, without Mindy, our practice would be lost!

Mindy always has a smile and is absolutely amazing. As they say, "she is worth her weight in gold!

We're very lucky to have Mindy leading our office team.

Carol Shannon, RN

Carol Shannon, RN

Carol is one of the most experienced nurses in the field of cardiothoracic surgery.

In addition to rounding on our patients in the hospital, Carol cares for all of our patients who come to the office before and after surgery.

She is extraordinarily talented and dedicated.

One of the amazing things about Carol is how she can name patients from years ago!

Pamela Olivieri, MA

Pam Olivieri, MA

Pam has the difficult job of scheduling all of the surgeons office hours. This is particularly challenging because office hours for surgeons are often moved around or even cancelled at the last minute because of emergencies. Pam does a terrific job! 

If you are having trouble getting in to see me, just ask for Pam!

Lisa Garloff

Lisa Garloff

Lisa is our OR Scheduler. As such, she takes care of all the scheduling of patients who will be going to the operating room.  This includes dealing with insurance companies, referring physicians, administrators, and on and on.

Lisa is an absolute delight and is always so nice no matter how much work needs to be done.  We are so lucky to have Lisa on our team!

Peggy Shaw

Peggy Shaw

Peggy is our receptionist at our Cedar Crest Office. When you call us on the phone, Peggy will be at your service. You'll never get one of those annoying recordings that you hear from other doctor's offices.

Peggy doesn't just answer phones. She's always on the ready to help out anywhere in the office that she is needed.

Judy Haas

Administrative Assistant Cedar Crest Campus Office

Tara Kressler

Tara Kressler

Tara is the Administrative Assistant for our Muhlenberg Campus office in Bethlehem. Tara has to do it all because for the most part she runs the Bethlehem office by herself. As we continue to grow at our Muhlenberg campus, Tara is sure to have more help soon.

No one holds the fort together better than Tara.

Karen Schubert

Administrative Assistant Muhlenberg Campus Office

Anvery Musa

Anvery Musa

Anvery is in charge of billing. Although she technically is part of the hospital's centralized billing team, we're fortunate to have her assigned to our practice.

Anvery is a tireless worker, totally dedicated to her job.

And, she has a very important job. In these difficult times of rising healthcare costs and skyrocketing overhead, Anvery helps keeps our practice financially sound.

April Grim, MA

Medical Assistant

Barbara Ebert, CRNP

Ventricular Assist Device Coordinator

Lindsey Reyes, PA-C

Valve Center Coordinator

Cindy Burlew, RN 

Valve Center Assistant Coordinator

Lani Senfleben, BS

Valve Center Administrative Assistant

Dr. Michael Pasquale

Michael Pasquale

Dr. Pasquale is the Chair of the Department of Surgery for Lehigh Valley Health Network.  He was the former Vice Chair of Quality and so I was honored that he selected me to be his new Vice Chair for Quality, Patient Safety, and Outreach.

Dr. Pasquale has a very challenging job leading one of the largest departments in the network.  I'm glad to be part of his leadership team and there is no doubt that the future of the Department of Surgery looks bright.

Dr. Michael Rossi

Dr. Michael Rossi

Dr. Rossi is the President of the Lehigh Valley Physician Group Practice. This collaborative group includes my practice, along with cardiology, internal medicine, general surgery, neurosurgery, infectious disease, psychiatry, gyne-oncology, and more.

Dr. Rossi is the past Medical Director of the Regional Heart Center and past Chief of the Division of Cardiology.

A long-time friend and colleague, Mike's career continues to grow. He has helped lead cardiovascular services at LVHN to it's position as a nationally recognized heart center. And, he's one of the main reasons I've been successful --a true friend, through rough waters and calm.