Opinion Page II

Below is an article I wrote after one of my patients died in the operating room.  Of all the essays that I have written, this one is still the most difficult for me to read without crying.

One of my close friends, Michael Fisher, made a poster of the above essay. Mike owns a printing company known as Print Concepts, in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Somehow, Mike made the essay the background of the poster and superimposed a beautiful picture of my two daughters. Over that, in large script he wrote the final line of the essay: "And when that day comes, all that will matter to me is that my daughters will be okay."

It is the most special gift that I have ever received. I will always be grateful to Mike for his talent, thoughtfulness, and friendship.

Below are some of the nice responses I received in response to the above essay.


Well, if the essay above touched you, the one below will be just as hard to read. Trina Green was one of my most beloved patients. Sadly, she died very young of metastatic breast cancer. Below is my dedication to her.