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Below is one of my favorite essays. I wrote this article on the 10-year anniversary of my father's death.  He died on June 20, 1994 from lung cancer.  I have read this essays hundreds of times.  It is hanging on the wall of my office.  To this day, I am unable to finish reading the essay without tears.

After my father died, my mother continued on with her very busy life's work.  Below is a tribute I wrote about my mother that was published in The Morning Call on Mother's Day, May 13, 2007:

Needle sticks are a serious daily risk to all health-care workers.  Below is an essay that I wrote after I was stuck with a needle from a patient who had hepatitis C.  Thank God, as you will read in the essay, I did not get hepatitis after the accident in the operating room.  It was a moment that could have changed my life and made me that much more appreciative of how precious one's health is and how quickly it can change.

The article below really says it all... no introduction needed.