Hot Topics II

Dr. Elliot Sussman resigned as President and CEO of Lehigh Valley Health Network in November 2010 Below is a tribute to his many contributions.

In Pennsylvania, heart surgeons receive report cards.  It's a controversial issue, as I illustrated in my article on President Clinton's heart surgery.  Just the same, I'm proud to say that our report card at Lehigh Valley Hospital continues to be the best in the state, year after year.  And, the reason is simple:  we have the best team of nurses, staff and hospital administrators, working in concert with our group of talented and dedicated surgeons.

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates how lucky we are to have a hospital like Lehigh Valley Hospital in our community. Below is my response to retired Judge Robert Young's criticism of LVH's success.

In September 2006, I wrote an essay about Dr. John Y. Templeton, III.  Dr. Templeton was truly one of the pioneers in heart surgery.  Sadly, he died the following spring in 2007.  Dr. Templeton did get to read my essay and sent me a nice letter thanking me.